Title: On Some Special Curves According to the Modi?ed Orthogonal Frame in Minkowski 3-space E 3

Abstract:In this paper, we introduce the involute curve concept according to\nthe modified orthogonal frame at non-zero points of curvature in the Minkowski 3-space. Besides, the modified frame for the involute curve is given. Further, the curvature and the torsion for the involute curve are introduced. Also, we give some necessary and sufficient conditions to the curve to be a general helix and a slant helix. Finally, some examples are introduced.

Title: Investigating Oxygen Depletion in a Two-Step Combustible Stockpile

Abstract:The depletion of oxygen in a reactive stockpile that undergoes self-ignition process due to low-temperature oxidation reaction, is investigated in this paper. A reactive stockpile is the one whose materials contain carbon or hydrocarbon compounds that react readily with the oxygen trapped within the stockpile. The combustion process is modelled in a two-step reactive slab, that loses heat to the surrounding by convection. The process of combustion is so complicated and therefore, the mass transfer partial differential equation governing the problem cannot be solved exactly, but a numerical method is applicable. In this case, the equation was solved using Finite Difference Method (FDM), and Maple software was used to derive the solutions. The results plotted indicate that parameters like the oxygen Biot number help to retain the oxygen, whereas parameters such as the reaction rate enhance the depletion of oxygen.


Abstract:Rainfall trend and intensity are essential guides in understanding long-term changes in rainfall. This study aims to identify the trend and intensity of long-term rainfall at the main stations in the western region of Peninsular Malaysia between 1960 and 2010. Rainfall data were collected from 133 stations under the purview of the Department of Drainage and Irrigation of Malaysia. The analytical techniques used were descriptive analysis and the Mann-Kendall Trend Test. The results showed that from 1960 to 2010 the rainfall for all stations were in upward trend. However, Mann-Kendall Test (P = 1), showed that the trend was not significant. The average annual rainfall in the western region were classified as moderately wet having to decrease from a range of 1936 mm to 2635 mm, whereas, Dale’s average annual rainfall were in the range of 2540 mm to 2794 mm. The average rainfall variability for the western region during the study period was 699 mm, in contrary, Dale’s average rainfall variability from 1950 to 1959 was 254 mm. The maximum rainfall average for the western region (moderately wet) also lowered by 155 mm (6 per cent) from 1960 to 2010. The rainfall distribution showed that not all areas of the western province in Dale’s study received between 2540 mm and 2794 mm of rainfall annually. The implications of this study improve water management, especially in managing and planning the water supply more efficiently.

Title: Hindfoot Arthrodesis for Charcot Arthropathy Ankle with Unprecedented Gouty Arthritis

Abstract:Charcot arthropathy is characterized by progressive destruction of the joint that cause deformity and loss of function. Diagnosis of charcot arthropathy is challenging as it can mimic infection, rheumatoid or gouty arthritis. These conditions may co-exist or one condition followed another. We report a case of a young male who presented with charcot arthropathy of his right ankle. Hindfoot arthrodesis of the was done because of recurrent pain and instability that make walking difficult. During intraoperatively, we noted presence of tophaceous deposit on the tibiotalar surface.

Title: Effect of nurses training program to prevent Hemodialysis vascular access failure in Khartoum state.

Abstract:Background Delivery of optimal HD requires a well-functioning vascular access with a nominal blood flow rate of 400 mL/minute without access recirculation. Failure of access function limits the delivered dose of dialysis which in turn is one of the major determinants of survival on dialysis.9 Methods This is quazi experimental study, done in three hemodialysis centers of Khartoum State .Aimed to evaluate the effect of access care training program for nurses to prevent Hemodialysis access failure in Khartoum state. Total number of nurses from the three centers mentioned above was (54). At the start all participants were involved in pre assessment of knowledge and skills test. This was followed by an intense structured educational program in care of vascular access for hemodialysis, with special emphases on how to prevent access failure. The program included four lectures and one practical session for each group of nurses in the specified dialysis centers. The outcome of intervention was measured by assessing the access care in 40 dialysis patients regularly followed in these three centers. The data was collected using standardized, close-ended questionnaire through direct interview to the nurses. The performance of the nurses was observed using check list to assess the skills of nurses and check list to assess the vascular access of the patients. Data was analyzed using computer (SPSS program). Results The results show that, nurses who participated in the study have highly significant scores of knowledge (80.86%) at post-intervention than the score at pre intervention (46.13%). Also regarding skills they have highly significant scores of skills (71.4%) at post intervention than the score at pre-intervention (12.6%).when access condition was examined gave low present of failure (32.5%) at post intervention than the score at previous study (92.85%). Conclusions In this study access care training programme for nurses changed significantly their knowledge and skills. Thus failure rate was reduced as outcome of this training programme. Recommendation The study recommended that Developing of modules for standardized training programme for hemodialysis nurses and encourage fund raising projects by staff members for purpose of developing evidence base practice researches.


Abstract:COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, with a heterogeneous clinical course, ranging from asymptomatic patients to critically ill patients with multiple organ dysfunction. It is well known that the severity of the disease is secondary to a dysregulated inflammatory response known as a cytokine storm. Hemoabsorptive therapies, such as the Cytosorb device, could be a useful treatment alternative in severely ill patients with cytokine storm, due to its beneficial effect by purifying inflammatory mediators in septic patients, postoperative of cardiovascular surgery, with pancreatitis, and even poisoned.

Title: The Impact of Diversity of Individuals working on Managing Human Talents (A Field Study at Greater Amman Municipality?)

Abstract:Abstract\nThis study aimed to demonstrate the impact of the diversity of the individuals working on managing human talents at Greater Amman Municipality. The study has adopted the quantitative methodology using both descriptive and inferential statistics conforming with the objectives of the study. The population of the study consisted of the traditional functions in Greater Amman Municipality (Main Building) and the regions of the Municipality counted 189 regions. The study followed purposive sampling where 150 copies of the questionnaire were distributed to the individuals of the sample, only 141 copies were restored of them 4 copies were discarded due to its insufficiency for analysis purposes. The number of questionnaire copies that are convenient for analysis equal 137 copies, which were analyzed using SPSS to achieve the objectives of the study.\nThe results of the study have demonstrated that the diversity of the working individuals in all its elements positively affects managing human talents in Amman Greater Municipality. As well as applying diversification of working individuals in all of its elements positively affects recruiting human talents. The study recommends the continuation of the concern of Amman Greater Municipality of the concept of the diversity of the working individuals and its main components because of the high performance its achieves in managing human resources in the organization. Henceforth, these talents reflect their capacities and skills in achieving high performance at both workers and organizational levels.

Title: Effect of Saudi Coffee Drinks on Body Mass Index, Blood Glucose level and Blood Pressure in Some People of Makkah Region, KSA

Abstract:Coffee is obtained from the fruits of coffee tree and is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. It contains more several compounds that have an important functional foods. The presented study was planned to studying the effect of Arabian coffee (Saudi coffee) consumption on body mass index (BMI), blood glucose level and blood pressure in some normal population of Makkah region. A cross-sectional study was accomplished on a random sample (males and females) who consume Arabian coffee. Interviewer-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. Anthropometric measurements, blood glucose levels and blood pressure were determined. The obtained results revealed that individuals who consumed low amount of Saudi coffee (1-3 cups) have not significant increase in BMI values and blood pressure, compared to that of who consumed high amount (≥ 4 cups). In addition to, random blood glucose levels for the three different days during the one week were higher in individuals who consumed the lowest amount of Saudi coffee compared to that those of who consumed highest amount. Finally, the present study concluded that Saudi coffee lower BMI values, blood glucose levels and blood pressure. These effects were more detectable with increasing the consumption rate of it.


Abstract:Motivation practices are designed by organisations to get the best employees outcomes. Organisation performance is also dependent on employee outcomes. Employee outcomes also depend on motivation practices. Studies that were conducted before were on motivation and performance and they were also conducted in developed countries. Furthermore the methodologies used in the previous studies were different from that of current study. The poor employee outcomes of the selected Federal paramilitary agencies could be attributable to insufficient motivation practices. \nA cross sectional research design was used for this study. The population of the study was 22,235 officers and men of selected paramilitary agencies in Nigeria. The paramilitary agencies included, Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp, Nigeria Correctional Service, and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. The sample size used was 988 using Krejcie and Morgan table. The validated questionnaire was administered and the response rate was 91.5%..The reliability coefficient of the instrument was above 70%.\nThe data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The analysis of the data revealed that motivation practices had significant effect on employee outcomes in selected Federal Paramilitary Agencies in South-West, Nigeria. This study concluded that motivation practices (remuneration, promotion, training, work environment and rewards) had effect on employee outcomes. In addition National culture is concluded to have significant relationship between motivation practices and employee outcomes.

Title: The Effectiveness of Knowledge Sharing on Diversity Management: an Empirical Study on Jordanian Companies

Abstract:This study aims to identify the effectiveness of knowledge sharing on diversity management. The researchers selected five variables that can impact knowledge sharing. These variables are: trust; management support; mutual reciprocity; self-efficacy; and altruism. The questionnaire has been used as a tool to collect data for the study�s variables, It was distributed on a convenience sample consisting of 159 employees in Jordanian mining companies. The researchers used the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SPSS to analyze and test the study hypothesis.This study found out that mutual reciprocity, self-efficacy, and altruism impact knowledge sharing positively, but trust and management support have no impact on knowledge sharing.