Title: One-year clinical outcomes in patients after drug-eluting stent implantation for unprotected left main coronary stenosis

Abstract:Background: Although there are many randomized trials, there are few data about left main percutaneous coronary intervention (LMPCI) in Turkey. Therefore, we aim to present our center\

Title: Micropropagation of clonally fidel Olea europaea L. cv Barnea using ISSR marker

Abstract:Olea europaea L. cv. Barnea is a high fruit producing tree which contains medium to high oil\ncontent. Culture media containing half strength Murashige & Skoog (MS) and half strength\nRugini Olive Media (OM) (Modified Medium) enriched with 1mg/l Zeatin gave the best result\nfor culture establishment. Fungal contamination in explants was also markedly reduced when\nfungicide pretreatment was given in addition with other surface sterilants. The maximum\nmultiple shoots was obtained in medium supplemented with 2.0mg/l Zeatin and silver nitrate as\nadjuvant at 2.0mg/l. Sub-culturing upto seventh cycle was also carried out to check its effect on\nshoot proliferation. Five random Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) markers were applied to\ncheck for the genetic uniformity between the mother plant and in-vitro progenies in which\nmonomorphic bands were obtained across samples and thus, no somaclonal variation was\nobserved. Thus, ISSR markers previously reported in other plant species were successfully\napplied for genetic fidelity testing in O. europaea L. cv Barnea.

Title: Development prospects of agrotourism in Azerbaijan..

Abstract:For the development of economy in the republic it is necessary the stable finincing sources which can be got them by increasing the expanding agrosphere, especially agrotourism. In this regard the article is examined and analysed the preconditions of development of agrotourism in Azerbaijan and is recommended the methods of solution of problems in this sphere. The article presents the opportunities of northern region resources of the country and they aren‘t perfectly used. There is a hard work in agriculture before the workers to ensure business development for agrotourism . Also it is noted that some attempts in the development of agrotourism have already been made. In the article it is also noted that some agroparks are established in Ganja-Qazakh, Quba-Khachmaz and in other regions of the republic. It is necessary to formulate a strategy for the development of agrotourism , to develop normative – legal framework and mechanism of stimulating the regions residents....

Title: The spectrum of naive psychiatric illnesses in medical and surgical wards: A cross-sectional study of overlooked co-morbidity in Saudi Arabia.

Abstract:Background: The referral from various medical and surgical departments to consultation-liaison unit is an indicator of psychiatric co-morbidity among admitted patients with no apparent psychiatric disorder. \nObjective: The primary objective of this study was to investigate the pattern of psychiatric referral to the consultation-liaison unit, in addition to evaluating the reason for referral, psychiatric morbidity, and socio-demographic profiles of referred patients.\nMethods: This descriptive study was conducted from January-2015 to December-2017. The study population comprised of all the patients who were referred for psychiatric consultation to the psychiatric hospital Taif from other in-patient departments of the two general hospitals in Taif city King Abdul Aziz specialist hospital Taif and King Faisal hospital Taif.\nResults: A total of 1041 patients were referred for psychiatric consultation, during the study period. The majority of the psychiatric referrals (48.2%) were from the department of medicine followed by surgery (32.0%). The most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorders were depression (21.3%) followed by Schizophrenia(10.2%). The common reasons for referral were; referral for evaluation (49.2%) and behavioural disturbance (15.7%). The frequent medical diagnosis among referred patients was Diabetes Mellitus(15.1%) followed by drug overdose(13.7%).\nConclusion: The common reasons for referral were for behavioural disturbances. Patients with Diabetes and drug overdose were more frequently referred to the consultation-liaison unit in this study. The identification and in time management of psychiatric co-morbidity could go a long way in curbing the costs of medical illness and ensure a faster recovery.

Title: The Impact of Knowledge Sharing On Job Satisfaction: Empirical Study in Jordan

Abstract:This research seeks to explore the impact of knowledge sharing on job satisfaction among employees of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) in Amman, capital of Jordan. To collect the research’s data, 278 questionnaires with 31 items were distributed to respondents. The response rate of the questionnaire reached 93% and the descriptive correlational method was adopted to investigate the research purpose. After analysis of data, the study found that knowledge sharing has a significant positive effect on how satisfied employees are in their jobs at the ministry. The results of this study can be utilized to tailor human resources mechanisms in a way that positively helps decision makers to boost job satisfaction among MPWH staff.

Title: The impact of social capital in promoting success factors leading a reconnaissance study orientation views of employees in small organizations

Abstract:The current research aims to determine the impact of social capital in promoting successful pilot orientation through a survey of the views of employees in a group of small organizations. To achieve this the default chart has been prepared containing the search variables, as well as a number of main and subsidiary premises, and tested through a number of statistical methods, the questionnaire was used as a single tool to collect data and information from individual respondents and limited studies on the relationship Between these variables influence in Iraqi environment within the researcher informed, current research has included these variables in an attempt to study the relationship and influence between them. In General try to answer the question: what link relationships and impacts between social capital in promoting success factors leading direction in entering discussed? the researcher has been used as a tool to collect data and information to complete research and 40 have been distributed. The research has reached a set of conclusions: check a relation link between moral effects of social capital in promoting success orientation and leadership position. And a number of recommendations have been made compatible with those findings.

Title: Factors Influencing E-Procurement Adoption

Abstract:The benefits of e-Procurement have been verified by many leading companies worldwide, and e-procurement is a significant tactic in most companies’ e-Business strategies. This study proposes sought to determine factors influencing the adoption of e-procurement. A conceptual framework has been developed for the adoption of e-procurement. A survey questionnaire was administered to collect data from the employees on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein Industrial Estate.\nUsing regression analysis, we found that perceived direct and indirect benefits and business partner influence are positively and significantly associated with the adoption of e-procurement. Further, firm size, top management support does not show any relationship with e-procurement adoption. In addition to perceived cost and perceived barriers are negatively affected the adoption of e-procurement.

Title: Impact of Design Idea on the Structural Unity of Commercial Advertising

Abstract:The study aims to examine the relation between design idea and the impact on the structural unity organization of commercial advertising, displaying its vital role in conveying the meaning or message. The investigation covers the concept and ways to build a design idea, as well as its effect on the form of an advertisement and the relevant employment of the designer’s mental storage and activity. The meaning of thinking is also explained along with the philosophical conception of creative thinking which produces a design idea. In addition, the study explores how a design idea is chosen by the designer to be transformed to a design work of art according to the relevant. Furthermore, thinking and idea are addressed with regard to the design idea construction. Introducing a design idea is considered the basis of an act and product in itself, which is the effort exerted to generate solutions to problems before the attempts to begin achieving such solutions. There are also the mental activities of preparation, immunity, illumination, verification and confirmation. These result in two mental processes by means of divergent and convergent production and the part associated with the design idea and its product – the advertisement. Finally, the study discusses the concept and function of advertising, success factors and approaches of an advertised message, the methods to promote an advertisement and their success conditions.

Title: Diagnostic Score Systems to Predict Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in Emergency Departments

Abstract:Introduction\nThe Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is a fatal viral infectious disease. Clinical and laboratory findings of CCHF cases are highly variable and not disease-specific. For this reason, it is aimed to establish a diagnostic scoring system that can be used in the emergency room by evaluating risk factors, clinical and laboratory findings for CCHF diagnosis.\nMethods\nThe study includes all patients who admitted to emergency room of tertiary hospital and were hospitalized with the pre-diagnosis of CCHF between May 2013 and September 2016. Medical records of the patients were retrospectively reviewed. According to the results of RT-PCR and IgM serum samples, were divided CCHF group and not-CCHF (control) group. Clinically related variables were included in the model based on univariate analysis to determine the best logistic regression model. Beta coefficients were used for each included variable in scoring models. Statistical analyses were performed in SPSS for windows version 24.0 and MedCalc 15.8. A two sided P value <0.05 was defined as statistically significant. \nResults\nA total of 292 patients were included to the study. Presence of tick contact, WBC <4000 10/µL, aPTT > 30 seconds, CRP >5 mg/dL were defined as 2 points in proposed scoring system. Presence of fever (>38.3 Co), presence of nausea-vomiting, AST >34 IU/L were defined as 1 point. Best cut off value is found as total score >5 to diagnose CCHF. Sensitivity of the model for defined cut-off was 92.55 (95% CI: 87.3-96.1) and specificity was 73.28 (95% CI: 64.8-80.6).\n\n\nConclusion\nThe diagnostic model developed in our study recommends laboratory assessment for CCHF diagnosis in patients with the history of tick contact and 2 different non-specific symptoms. It is thought that all the parameters evaluated in the model can be assessed in emergency setting and majority of the patients can be identified effectively.

Title: One Against All Multiclass Artificial Neural Networks Using Colored Edge Descriptors

Abstract:Annotating images automatically is needed for indexing and searching images in a big database. Image annotation can be considered as a multi-class classification problem, where an image may require one or more labels. In this work, One-Against-All (OAA) multi-class ANNs architecture approach is proposed to classifying into multi-class. The extracted features from color and edge descriptors of an image are used as input of the model. Some experiments were performed to achieve the optimal number of hidden neurons of each neural network that can classify its corresponding target successfully. The empirical results outperform multiple label learning approach.